Life / 15/07/2019

A fan of extreme sports? We have everything you need!



By Ziting Khoo

Translated by Henrik

Hey entertainment enthusiasts, Meetee has all sorts of FREE challenges in store for you in July and August!

It’s in our blood to fill weekend with shopping. However, the rise of malls has made shopping boring and less interesting. Therefore, Meetee has put together a series of popular activities in Klang Valley for fun goers just like you!

First ups are FlowRider and AirRider, Malaysia’s first indoor surfing and skydiving. Being the must-haves for every extreme sports lover, you wouldn’t want to miss their skydiving adult pass and 2-hour surfing session worth RM100. Apart from floating in the air, you get to surf with Meetee!

Besides, Meetee has VR games on the cards for VR aficionados! South East Asia’s First and Largest VR/AR theme park, the Rift has recommended Zero Latency for Meetee members! Players may fight zombies and embark on interstellar adventure in three different virtual circumstances. What are you waiting for?

Aren’t you excited? We’re just getting started! Next, allow Meetee to send you to Blastacars Malaysia! Blastacars provide larger track than ordinary Go-karts where it can fit up to 10 racers at the same session. If you love adrenaline and speed, then Blastacars will offer you with a karting experience like no other. What’s more, there will be no speed limit or traffic rule in Blastacars. It’s time to let the race begin!

If you opt for activities other than extreme sports, Meetee has prepared flower arrangement and painting 1-day workshops for you! I think we all agree that no lady can resist flowers. Hence, Meetee is here to fulfill your dreams of owning a floristry. You will have the authority to decorate your floristry with personalised composition. What stands between you and’s flower arrangement workshop is a redemption in Meetee’s website. Furthermore, painting artist wannabes should visit Art & Bonding for their workshops. With experienced yet friendly teachers, everyone can leave the workshop with a smile and a masterpiece.

Stop being a couch potato and play your way with Meetee in Klang Valley!

By: Ziting Khoo