Life / 28/05/2019

A Tee to Meet All Exclusive Privileges – This is FOR REAL!



By Ziting Khoo

Translated by Henrik

Meetee builds and manages its brand based on consumers’ needs and inner preferences. We aim to create a joyful lifestyle for every member. Whether it is gathering between friends, fitness class or travel, Meetee hopes to be a part of your life. Therefore, aside from providing you with premium t-shirts, Meetee endeavour to bring upon a cool lifestyle and FREE access to all sorts of exclusive events!

How to become a member?

You are not required to pay any member fee to become our community member since a t-shirt purchase will automatically earn you the entitlement. After completing registration and purchase procedures, members can accumulate their weekly MTC points to be redeemed for various benefits and events. In Meetee, members are given with lifetime privileges!

What are the privileges?

Meetee is providing jaw-dropping benefits for our dear members, such as access to grand buffet, premium milk tea, hair treatment, fitness class, funfair, travel, etc.  With over 100 activities to choose from, and great new deals being added every single day, Meetee will make sure you are always spoiled for choice!

We have presented you with so many privileges and benefits, so what are you waiting for? Visit to make your purchase and join us for exciting activities!

By: Ziting Khoo