Fashion / 02/05/2019

Bunny Tee



By Ziting Khoo

Translated by Henrik

Rabbit not only represents one of the twelve Chinese Zodiacs, but also closely related to beautiful dreams. When the Chinese Character of Rabbit is combined with other ideographs, the meanings can be extended to “swiftness” and “distinctiveness”, showering people with enthusiasm and vigour.

Human revolution was based on the great apes, as proven in history and worshipping artefacts. Not only that, certain tribes too made animal impressions as their spiritual or luck symbol. For instance, the Celts believe Rabbits represent wisdom and protection, providing people with the passage to unknowns. Through celebrating Easter Sunday, we understand that Rabbits possess strong reproductivity; its vitality and prosperity allow it to prevail as a luck symbol. In this modern age of technology, rabbit foot accessories remain a popular icon.

As brisk as a bunny

Many have bunny as their favourite animal due to its gentle and intelligent nature. Therefore, Meetee’s very first batch of clothes are rooted from such peaceful figure. Through complementing energy with joy, we endeavour to influence others to reactive a vivid life. This is the moment where you neglect the virtual network and start to embrace the REAL world. Meetee’s t-shirts and events aimed to bring unity to the community, putting at end to a boring and mundane life.

Bunny is the new black

Undeniably, bunny cannot be separated from trending fashion. When fashion giant Louis Vuitton collaborated with UNICEF, they employed bracelets inspired by bunny’s figure to blessed children with auspiciousness. Boosted by this idea, Meetee not only strives with spirit but uses such icon to inject encouragement and recognition to the world.

17 again!

It is necessary for us to live in a happening yet united community. Such harmony demands us to care dearly about our loved ones. With that said, to Meetee is to return to 17, it’s time to indulge in pleasure again!


By: Ziting Khoo