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Cindy Chen appointed Fashion Brand’s CEO



By Chinapress

Translated by Henrik

Malaysian artist Cindy Chen appointed as new fashion brand, Meetee’s CEO! During a press conference, she mentioned that she has decluttered an old friend and left her comfort zone in order to actively build her career!

According to her artist friends, Cindy is recognized as a fashionista who pays serious attention to her everyday outfit. Three years ago, she launched her streetwear brand CC, gaining marketing knowledge and management skills. However, a hectic life, insufficient fund and her mother’s passing caused her to temporarily stop her business idea.

Cindy said, when faced with the dilemma between dreams and reality, she was forced to choose the latter. Nevertheless, not only such action could not be forgiven by friends but brought upon unnecessary rumors and gossips as a result. After persevering through three years of hardships and adversities, she has decided to make a business comeback through Meetee.

Meetee was co founded by two young and passionate designers with Cindy Chen as the CEO. This brand combined the concepts of “Meet” and “Tee”, in hopes to promote an optimistic and joyful lifestyle, allowing t-shirt owners to temporarily let go of their busy daily life and gather for exclusive events. Cindy emphasized that Meetee is the first fashion brand that complements t-shirts with joy in Malaysia.

When asked by host on whether her salary reaches six digits, Cindy mocked herself as Malaysia’s lowest paid CEO. The reason why she accepted the offer was based on her passion over fashion which allows her to seek out her younger self. She endeavors to lead the team in order to explore new fashion areas.

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By: Chinapress