Along with the economic development and the subdivision of market demand; fashion nowadays is more than just a pretty dress, it is more of a new way of life, to be exact Fun Life. Meetee Community is a fabulous group in which it is designed to connect and find inspiration with all Meetee enthusiasts, thereby bringing people closer to each other, enables members to slow down and enjoy their life.

A Fun-Filled Community

The Meetee Community is designed for members with different characters and interests. Our objective is to provide you with access to all sorts of entertainment and benefits. Your support for Meetee Community will always be echoed with great feedbacks.

Regardless of your demands, Meetee is bound to change your life for the better.

Are you active and always looking for something fascinating?

Do you lean towards memorable experiences with a fun perspective?

Do you want to have exclusive space to experience unique moments?

Looking for exciting events such as fitness classes, talk shows, oversea trips to fill your spare time with? Meetee Community make it easy for you! With over 100 activities to choose from, and fascinating deals accumulating every day, we will ensure that you are spoiled with premium options! Join now to enjoy lifetime privilege!

Does it cost anything to join Meetee Community?

Absolutely not! Joining Meetee Community is as easy as putting our t-shirt. Just register an account and purchase with us, earning yourself a unique Member ID once your purchase is completed.  

What is Meetee Community Referral Program?

In Meetee, our referral program offers MTC Point to members who recommend a person to join our Meetee Community. It’s ridiculously easy to join our referral program. Just purchase from us to become a Meetee Community member. Then, allow your friend to key in your Member ID to earn all rewards. It’s as simple as ABC!

Enjoy your life more, but better with friends

Let’s enrolls together in an activity with the same tee. As a member of Meetee, you can deliver our passions to your friends and family. Meetee community hopes to perform the core function of “family and friend sharing”, let your family and friends join us through the referral program, interact with, communicate and read each other’s feelings!