Our Brand / 02/05/2019

Female Entrepreneurs and their flourishing’s eras



By Ziting Khoo

Translated by Henrik

With the modern era and technology bring enormous change to commerce environments, more and more female individuals are involved in business start-up, bearing the obligations of business development. Based on the data of 2017/2018 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the growth of female entrepreneurs improves gender equality.

The increase of female entrepreneurs promotes better business development. While starting a business can be tough, female individuals are bound to encounter more hurdles. The toughest part for female entrepreneurs lies within their first step. Besides, they are needed to break free from traditional mindsets of females being a housewife.

Meetee – The connection of dreams

A clearly-defined goal can connect people effectively. While certain people unite for benefits, others shared similar beliefs, which can be seen through the collaboration between Meetee’s CEO and its co-founders. Like other entrepreneurs, they are capable to supplement ambitions and realities with actions. Despite of similar responsibilities like others, they are demanded to sacrifice more energy and effort to build a unique t-shirt brand.

Famous designer Vera Wang says, fashion is vital since it provides you with joy. Not only it changes your lifestyle but encourage you to become better. These three female entrepreneurs have an undying attitude towards their t-shirts, allowing them to overcome all odds in their ambitious adventure.

Success and mediocre

Gender differences do not exist among business leaders. Hence, female entrepreneurs must be equipped to shoulder heavy responsibilities like others, which can be seen in Meetee’s Big 3. Without compromising or retreating, they are capable to overcome huge obstacles. They are aware that only through actions can they turn dreams into realities.

Close observation tells the difference between successful people and mediocre ones lies within their initiatives. Thus, the formula to success is to make progressive effort; any passive attitude will cause dreams to remain as dreams. The devoted effort and vitality brought by these three ladies are well proven and respected.

Meetee’s success demands collective strength from others so that their ideas and capabilities can flourish. It too brings fresh inspirations to local fashion industries and lifestyle.

By: Ziting Khoo