Our Brand / 02/05/2019

How Meetee started



By Ziting Khoo

Translated by Henrik

Cindy Chen’s journey is full of ups and downs. Ever since emerging as the first runner-up of Miss World Malaysia ’08, Cindy switched her career focus towards being a host and fashion icon in 2016. However, upon completing a program in image design, her fashion brand was forced to retire.

Performing Arts and Fashion

The performing arts cannot be isolated from the fashion world since the latter’s resources show an artist’s business value. Cindy wanted to build her own fashion brand instead of utilising outfits from other brands long ago. Nevertheless, a hectic life and the lack of great helpers force the brand she founded in 2016 to retire as a result. In July 2018, she was told by her assistant that there were two ladies needed her help in their fashion brand. Cindy’s deep desires toward pop culture were reignited once more with a black and white proposal.

Through conversations with the ladies, they reminded Cindy her passion and tireless effort while building her own fashion brand. After persevering through the ups and downs in showbiz as a model, actress and host, her passions towards fashion remain a great deal. According to Cindy, even the most ordinary people are required to discover and cultivate themselves, showcasing the best versions of themselves through brands.

Persistence and creativity

“We contacted approximately 100 local artists and influencers in hopes of gathering their capabilities to Meetee’s aid. On the other hand, their responses were far from ideal”, said Meetee’s co-founders. After surviving through hardships, Cindy’s reply was what they have been missing.

Cindy thinks that Meetee requires a practical approach based on the values created by its executors. “Creators are persistent with their effort; it is essential for Malaysia to have people with unyielding belief and fashion sense to increase the growing pace of local fashion industries. These ladies are keen to provide others with benefits through creating values rather than using impractical concepts.”

Faith and execution

Cindy believes that these both ladies have unique ideas, but their start-up ideas and passions were overshadowed by the lack of practical execution. Since Cindy possesses executive experiences and has founded her own fashion brand, she decided to assist the ladies by fulfilling the duties of Meetee’s CEO. The brand and its co-founders allow her to work wholeheartedly to build a fashion kingdom, make up for the regrets caused by time and options limitations.

With her own strategies, Cindy helped both co-founders to realise their true potential and allowed them to specialise in managerial areas based on their strength. As the days passed, the co-founders are empowered to build their brand, successfully combine Meetee’s concepts with its executions.

Initial aspiration and perseverance

With perseverance, the seeds of initial aspirations may grow steadily. Those who possess firm belief will resist temptation so that they don’t lose themselves along the way. Meetee is a platform where three ladies perform their talents and strength while its concept of joy is a must have for local fashion industries.

By: Ziting Khoo