Exclusive Event / 27/05/2019

Live Music Night Ended with Laughter, Singers Proved Their Worth



By Ziting Khoo

Translated by Henrik

Meetee’s Live Music Night in 24th May 2019 wasn’t only a hearing experience but a wonderful visual performance. We provided music lovers with pleasant surroundings while singers Johnson Wee, Daniel Lee and Danny Ah Boy proved their worth, washing away accumulated boredom of members at work.

The music night was kickstarted by Johnson Wee’s “On the way”, allowing members to slowly embrace the music sensation. What’s more, his interpretation of “Experience (Ti Hui)” and “Just love you too much (Zhi Shi Tai Ai Ni)” showcased his unique abilities during live events.

Daniel Lee is dubbed the Mobile CD. After sharing thoughts on his 14-year music career, Daniel performed his famous song, “Organic (You Ji)”. The music night was brought to another level with his “Mimpi/Fly”, providing openings for members to dance along with the music.

Danny Ah Boy is well-known with his natural optimism; he was also the reason why interaction between members became livelier. “Light Chaser (Zhui Guang Zhe)” was his first performance of the night, he complemented that with “My youth is Jay Chou (Wo De Qing Chun Shi Zhou Jie Lun)”, a song which approved by his idol, Jay Chou and resonated with members.

Singers ended the music night with “What’s wrong (Zen Me Le)”. Despite of collaborating for the first time, Johnson, Daniel and Danny had great chemistry; their fantastic singing voice was given with a big round of applause from the crowd. The music night was short but full of entertainment and interaction, we are pleased to witness the support from all members.

Meetee’s Live Music Night was like none other since audiences were directly involved in every second of performance. On top of displaying great singing talent, the music night was nothing short of spectacular. It was indeed a good show.

Compared to listening music at home, you can blend into the surrounding environment of a live music night. If you liked what you have experienced in our recent activity, stay tuned for more exciting events organized by us in future!

By: Ziting Khoo