Exclusive Event / 28/06/2019




By Ziting Khoo

Translated by Henrik

It is imperative for us to take a break and overcome the afternoon slump while dealing with a mountain of work. “Coffee, Tea and Meetee” event provided the perfect end for yesterday afternoon. Meetee enthusiasts from all walks of life hit it off straight away, spending leisurely relaxed time with our special guests, travel influencer Ms. Charlene and well-known TV host and actor Mr. Baki Zainal.

Pleasant and cheerful vibes are the main reason why citizens love afternoon tea. During this event, Meetee not only allowed attendees to fill their tummy with delicacies but also provided them with an excellent visual experience. The event was held at Woobar, 8th floor of W Hotel; Its deluxe decoration and soft music offered a peaceful environment for attendees.

As attendees from different ethnics were seated one after another, the decadent afternoon was re-energised immediately.

Baki and Charlene went back and forth with their humours, causing everyone to burst out laughing.

During an interactive session with the guests, Charlene and Baki shared their interesting travel experience in various countries without any reservation, attendees gave a big round of applause for their fascinating stories. What’s more, Mr. Baki shared the low point of his life, admitting that the loneliness and worries were unbearable.

“After I fled abroad and ran away from my issues for months, I realised that support remains strong from others. I was overwhelmed by such situation and has decided to return to live a normal life.”

Mr. Baki and Ms. Charlene both agreed that Meetee’s concept of a joyful lifestyle is what needed in this era of anxiety and depression. Events like this afternoon tea session bring people together. Everyone was able to nurture chemistry with each other while enjoying the same refreshments and listening to the same stories, washing away worries and stress ultimately.

Meetee hopes that the precious moments which it has created with attendees may engrave to their memories. We intend to practice Meetee’s concept of a joyful lifestyle as an unparalleled attitude in this day and age. Till next time!

By: Ziting Khoo