Exclusive Event / 15/06/2019

Graced by Social Influencers, Meetflix was launched with great fanfare!



By Ziting Khoo

Translated by Henrik

Meetflix by Meetee is finally here! The highly anticipated soft launch event was kickstarted at GSC, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Present were Social Influencers Juwei Teoh, Stephy, Miko Wong, Eric Aleson, Jestina, and Lucas Lau. In addition to enjoying the latest and finest Hollywood film with 50 attendees, our special guests satisfied selfie obligations with them. Let Meetee take you on a journey to review such wonderful event through the photos below.

Huge crowd of movie enthusiasts gathered at the venue before registration time.

Attendees enjoyed their snacks and beverages before the event officially started.

Attendees took selfies with social influencers and checked in on social media.

Meetee’s CEO Ms. Cindy Chen was invited to give a speech after the movie. Not only she hopes that Meetee can continue to live up to its core value of a joyful lifestyle but encourages members to participate and share Meetee’s exclusive events. Besides, a lucky fan won a Nintendo Switch from Meetee during the lucky draw session. The event concluded successfully with a group photo.

By: Ziting Khoo