Life / 01/07/2019

Need a completely new outlook? Meetee has got you covered!



By Ziting Khoo

Translated by Henrik

A decent appearance is vital for our socialisation; we must enhance our appearance from time to time. We are judged by our appearance because it reflects our character, identity, and social status. Everyone wants to look beautiful or handsome all the time, but such goal requires consistent effort. In order to enhance charm, Meetee has designed a plan where members can transform themselves effortlessly and subtly without spending big bucks in this month.

An attractive outlook starts with a bright smile. However, many people are struggling to put a smile on their face due to yellow teeth. Hence, Meetee has prepared teeth whitening treatment for members to redeem. Getting the perfect white teeth has never been easier!

Arming yourself with flawless smile and teeth are insufficient, which is why Meetee allows you to unveil some skincare secrets. The complete set of skin care products prepared by Meetee consists of deep cleansing foaming face wash, toner, serum infused water cream, aloe soothing hydration masque, and aqua gel, improving your skin utterly. Apart from skin care products, dark spot treatment and sleeping masks are also up for redemptions. It’s time for you to embrace better skin!

Next, complete your transformation with a fitter body because Meetee has provided you with a gateway to burn your fats! Members who spend too much time on their office desks may redeem fitness centre’s monthly pass worth RM150 now! On the other hand, awkward underarms may be preventing you from preparing sports gears for gym sessions. As such, Meetee wants you to put an end to your underarm problems with a permanent hair removal treatment.

Aren’t you fascinated by these premium privileges? Purchase a Meetee and utilise MTCP to transform your outlook. It’s time to take that leap of faith to turn on the charm and expand your social circle!

By: Ziting Khoo