Life / 12/09/2019

Need a timeless mooncake gift box? You know who to call!



By Ziting Khoo

Translated by Henrik

Halfway through 2019, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival is back! While every major restaurant and biscuit shop splash their creative juice in the fierce competition to win customers’ head and heart, have you found the right fit?

This festival is not only about filling your tummy with mooncakes but also about sharing your joy with others. The first impression is what matters in life. Therefore, sending gifts during this festival also requires decent and delicate packaging with reusability. Built to satisfy everyone’s needs, Meetee’s Moonlight Box allows everyone to immerse themselves in such celebration.

When it comes to creativity and innovation, W Kuala Lumpur Hotel is one of the top dogs in the industry. W has abandoned the traditional square packaging box and adopted a unique approach in its design instead. In other words, this is not your usual mooncake box because W has invited local fashion designer Ms. Melinda Looi to design neon colour translucent totes and square pouches! This hip-hop flavour-filled design is a timeless fashion where you can carry anytime anywhere; A concept which Meetee emphasises!

As the bestie of W Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Meetee has reserved few Moonlight Boxes worth RM198 each, and we want to give away them for you! With a moonlight box with four mooncakes, a lantern and a booklet up for redemptions, existing members require only 5 MTCP to bring them home! Whether it is for your own collection or for friends, Meetee doesn’t want you to appreciate the moon in the usual way!

By: Ziting Khoo