Fashion / 13/05/2019

Versatile Ways to Style Meetee



By Ziting Khoo

Translated by Henrik

T-shirt is a wardrobe essential for all seasons.  Being a must-have, it is necessary for you to mix and match decently to show your mood at that moment and avoid fashion disasters. Therefore, we are pleased to present you with diversified ways to style your Meetee. Ladies who opt for comfortable and casual wears may read this article to find inspiration on their daily styles while gentlemen can impress their partners or female friends with constructive advice.

A streetwear look can display your vigor and vitality! It can be represented effortlessly by a Meetee and jeans or chino. Complete your fashion gear with a black pants and white sneakers to show your sexy ankle casually. It’s time to give in to that slim and friendly appearance.

After-work hours or weekends are not realized without a Meetee and adorable denim skirt, putting the stern face behind you. A casual yet vintage look like this increases your positive vibes. Ladies may tuck Meetee in their skirts to present a cleaner and modern flavor.

With Meetee, denim skirt and trucker jacket, your fashion sense is in a different league. Emphasize another layer of character via different shades of jeans skirt and jacket. The denim elements are a perfect match for your Meetee. Style it the proper way to embrace that timeless fashion trend.

Long black dress is simple yet elegant since it provides you with a beautiful body ratio! By complementing Meetee with a long black dress, you add a unique element into your sexy outfit. Besides, supplement your apparel with a finishing touch through a pair of red heels will nurture a professional and efficient look for others. This style is a go-to to steal the spotlight.

It is imperative for you to buy the right fit instead of purchasing unnecessary clothes. With Meetee, you can pull of that fashion style for your daily life. Spare some time on your mix and match to enjoy the versatility of Meetee!

By: Ziting Khoo