Travel / 09/07/2019

Wanna travel the world effortlessly? Meetee has a customised solution for you!



By Ziting Khoo

Translated by Henrik

I think we all agree that travel envy is a pain in the ass, in spite of the slogan that says, “Now everyone can fly”. We all need a vacation especially when we are overwhelmed at work. However, whether it is the lack of time or the scarcity of genuine arrangement, there will always be an issue which cuts our travel short.

If you want to fully utilise the second half of 2019 for vacation purpose, Meetee’s arrangement is the only guide you need. Are you ready to embrace a stress-free vacation from work?

The first stop of Meetee’s schedule in July 2019 would be Melbourne, Australia, one of the most popular tourist attractions. Although travel expenses in Melbourne don’t come cheap, we have helped save accommodation fees without compromising quality for Meetee’s members! Apart from the luxury of owning the entire apartment during the stay, Meetee has arranged a one-day trip to the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles for members. Vacation budget is the last thing you want to worry while traveling to Melbourne!

The insufficiency of annual leaves may prevent members from realising the Australian Dream, which is why we are offering members a perfect alternative! Meetee has tickets redemptions to Universal Studios Singapore in store for August and September 2019. The two tickets consist of one adult pass and an UNLIMITED three-month admission pass to the park! Aren’t you excited already?

With its beautiful cities, peaceful towns and friendly people from various ethnicities, Taiwan is almost on everyone’s travel bucket list. Meetee has Taipei round-trip tickets up for redemptions in December 2019; Members who opt for longer vacation may take this opportunity to relax and indulge in slow travel.

Unmatched experience, sensational sceneries, and diversified cultures are the reasons why we love to travel. Purchase a Meetee and embark on a great trip now!

By: Ziting Khoo