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Warning: You won’t believe what RM499 can get you



Have you been scrolling through websites for plane ticket to only click exit after checking your wallet? Or dying to get the new Nintendo Switch but all you could do was play with the display? We got you covered!

Meetee, a lifestyle membership. With a one-time investment of RM499, it opens the door to lifetime free access to over 100 offers, both exciting products and fun adventure.


Here is how it works:

Step 1 – Enroll

Sign up for a lifetime Meetee membership for only RM499. Pay just one-time, enjoy forever!


Step 2 – Earn

Start to EARN Meetee Community Points, or MTCP.

There are 3 ways to do this:

  • Every Sunday, 1 MTCP will be deposited into your account.
  • On your Birthday, you get 5 bonus
  • For each friend you refer, you get an additional 1 MTCP every Sunday


Step 3 – Enjoy

Now the fun part starts. Start redeeming your MTCP and ENJOY all that life can give.

Sign up now and check out hundreds of offers on the website.